Innovative Personal Training
Variety & Value

At Sweat Studio, we hope you discover the value of our staff and environment surpasses our competitors. We can provide some of the lowest rates in the personal training industry and genuine support to meet your fitness goals unlike other trainers working at corporate gyms.

Facility Amenities
  • Long availability hours (5am to 10pm)
  • Sessions available 7 days per week
  • Free parking
  • Free bottled water
  • Free towel usage
  • TV's and Music
  • DVD movies to watch during cardio
  • Hi quality sound system with IPOD & CD Applications
  • Cardio equipment usage included with your program up to 5 days per week
  • Accredited Trainer Qualifications:

    NASM, WITS, ACE, NASM-PES, ACSM, NCSF, ISSA, IFA, NASM-CES, NASM-FS, APEX. Three master trainers with over 8 years of experience as a full time personal trainer. Over 52 years of combined experience as fitness enthusiasts. Two martial arts specialists. Trainers with 4-year degrees and physiology education.
    Uniqueness of Fitness Program:

  • Multi-plane functional fitness (proprietary)
  • Nutrition planning included with program
  • Group fitness
  • Detailed fitness assessment
  • All programs customized to the client’s needs
  • Compound circuit training
  • Antagonist/agonist Combinations
  • Core training & Pilates integration
  • Cascading & Pyramid training techniques
  • Performance enhancement (certified)
  • Corrective fitness training
  • Power lifting techniques
  • Competition training techniques
  • Endurance & Sports training
  • Sweat Studio Culture (Pg 1)

    Sweat Studio promotes an ideal environment for professionals and friendly individuals. Our staff and trainers understand the value of a client’s time during a session and are ready to provide you our undivided attention. We believe in motivating and supporting you to your full potential and we are determined to see you achieve your fitness goals.
    Sweat Studio Culture (Pg 2)

    The workout floor can be full at times but we limit the quantity of trainers in the facility and on the floor at one time so the flow of your session is not disrupted.

    Our clientele is very diverse with different fitness levels, characteristics, personalities, goals, and physical abilities. We also offer programs for clients with medical problems such as diabetes, rheumatism or obesity, and accept the physically challenged individuals.