Innovative Personal Training
Our Personal Training begins with a FREE fitness assessment:

  • Health and Fitness Status Analysis
  • Gather goals and starting statistics
  • Posture Analysis
  • Oxygen Recovery
  • Core Integrity
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility

    After collecting this data and evaluating your performance, your certified professional will be able to create the appropriate techniques and methods based on your fitness goals.
  • Types of Programs
  • Generalized Personal Training
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Competition (Physique, Figure, Bikini)
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • All programs include integration with EFIT TRACKER; a dynamic mobile application where you can access details of your nutrition, fitness history, progress, and supportive videos in the cloud.
    Certified Personal Training Rates

  • Specialized starts at $39 session
  • Master Level starts at $44 session
  • Ultra Master starts at $49 session

    Prices displayed are based a purchase of 20 sessions that are 55 minutes long. Prices may vary. Not all levels are appropriate for everyone. Please schedule an appointment for a free one hour consultation and assessment.
  • Discounts for qualified clients

    1. STUDENTS 10% OFF- Students currently enrolled into 10 units or more. Must be active for 1 semester/2 quarters within a 12 month period.

    2. FREQUENT CLIENT 10% OFF - Clients that complete an average of 10 or more sessions per month. Discount is applied to upcoming package.

    3. SPONSORED ATHLETE UP TO 50% - Sweat Studio offers up to 50% off personal training including up to all competition expenses paid. See our blog for details. Sweat Studio Team Blog
    Hybrid Personal Training (pg 1)
    the wave of the future

    For most, achieving optimal results may require resistance training 4 times per week and performing 2 to 4 hours of cardio per week. Meeting with your trainer 4 days a week delivers quicker results and your risk of injury is reduced however many individuals may find this program rather expensive.

    Introducing Hybrid Personal Training Services from Sweat Studio. Supplement sessions utilizing Efit Tracker, your mobile fitness assistant that is integrated with your personal trainer.

    Train with your trainer twice or three times per week, and perform additional sessions through Video Conferencing to enhance your fitness results.
    Efit Personal Training (pg 2)
    Mobile Application

    With Efit Tracker, a client will be able to access multiple workout routines from their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. A Efit Professional will assign the appropriate exercises and may attached videos to assist the exercise. You can perform these routines in the comfort of your home, gym, OR at an Efit Express Facility (coming soon).

    Efit Personal Training starts at $49.95

  • 2 Custom Nutrition Plans
  • 2 Custom Workout Routines
  • Competitor Training

    Since 2008, Sweat Studio has been the starting ground for many Figure, Physique and Bikini competitors. As of March 2013, our competitors have achieved 25 trophies in the NPC and INBA competitions.
    • Many of our competitors are over the age of 40.
    • We promote natural competitor ethics.
    • We offer proprietary nutrition consulting.
    • Some competitors may qualify for sponsorships to help pay for the costs of their competition(s).