Innovative Personal Training

John Destacamento - (Natural) Masters 45+ Men's Physique

Fitness Biography

John is a fitness specialist in multiple areas. Certified with NASM he has had or still currently maintains certifications with ACE, APEX, and WITS and occasionally a teaching instructor at De Anza College for personal training certifications representing the W.I.T.S organization. His facility Sweat Studio has been offering personal training since 2007 and has been a popular place for interns to gain experience. Along with managing his team of trainers, he offers contest prep for NPC (National Physique Committee) and INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) competitors. Since 2008, he has had trained over 9 competitors that have stepped on stage in which many of them placed in the top 5 achieving the total of 26 Trophies to date (06-29-2013). Today at age 46 he is still an active Menís Physique competitor in both the NPC and INBA that has taken home over 6 trophies in the Master Class Categories and Open Class Categories. He strongly believes in getting in-shape naturally meaning abiding by the rules of WADA (World Anti-Doping Association). So it makes competing in the NPC very difficult because they do not drug test.

"When on stage at a physique competition I can be corky, sometimes I'll attempt to make the crowd laugh." "In the past I was a break-dancer and a disc jockey, so I've gotten accustomed to performing in front of an audience." His contest prep and competitor personal training has grown quite a bit in the past two years.

Prior to the competition scene, John has always been a dynamic recreational athlete. When there is snow in the local mountains, snowboarding becomes his favorite activity. Other activities may include cycling, running, tennis, racquetball, basketball, skydiving and Frisbee. He occasionally participates in 100 Mile bike rides, 10k runs and Duathlons; a type of triathlon event without the swimming but requires running twice in the event. John is also a martial artist holding a Green Belt in Bok-Fu-Do; a type of martial arts which includes Chinese kickboxing. Other areas of semi-expertise are with agility and speed.

In Johnís earlier years, his noticeable power-by-pound strength led him the opportunity to participate in power lifting events. (100% Raw Power Sanctioned Events.) When weighing 146 lbs he has accomplished bench pressing more than double his body weight (295 lbs), which rates him as a contender for beating world records within his age and weight class. His leg press hit 870 lbs at 4 reps which was 6 times over his body weight at the time. His specialty exercise was the Bench Press, where he was offered a sponsorship by GNC. Unfortunately, due to a shoulder injury he had to drop out of the competition. At his current age of 46 he continues to push his personal records and astound other heavy lifters. John believes education is an ongoing journey and supports education through his special programs.

Professional Biography

Most people that know John would describe him as a dynamic individual. As a small business owner of two businesses he plays several key roles to manage the company, in fitness heís a 22 year experienced fitness professional, and as a friend most would describe him as very creative and ambitious. John utilizes many different skills everyday which may include back-end and front end web developing, graphic design, video editing, marketing and fitness consulting. He is also fluent with music engineering and production software; a spin-off hobby from his previous 17 years of being a professional mobile/club disc jockey. However, if an autopsy was performed on this guy, the surgeon would cut him open and find nothing-but-fitness in his gut.

Currently, John is pursuing to make a dramatic change in the entire fitness industry. His primary goal is to develop tools that will help make fitness professionals do their job more efficiently. This is why he began to develop Efit Tracker; an application used by your mobile device to manage all aspects of your fitness regimen emphasizing the communication between a client and fitness professional. Some of Johnís professional background was based upon ďbeing efficient.Ē He pursued his Bachelorís degree in the field of industrial technology and worked as a logistics specialist and production control analyst for high tech companies such as Applied Materials, Silicon Graphics and Motorola. The 11 years experience from these tech companies allows him to brainstorm differently from most people in the fitness industry and this is where his distinctive qualities may become an asset.

John believes that there is a growing gap between fitness professionals and technology; some are favoring the use of new technology while the vast majority remains to stick with traditional methods or just slowly catching on. As this gap continues to increase, eventually it becomes more difficult to crossover. "Technology is moving so fast it's like a newly formed river that has divided the urban area from the suburbs. The fitness professionals in the urban city have the luxury of fast pace technology with high paying opportunities. While on the other side of the river are fitness professionals living by traditional methods. This river continues to rise and water flow becomes more vigorously each day. Fitness professionals that choose to cross now can still simply walk across easily. However people that decide to wait a little longer will need to swim across. Eventually, the river becomes impossible to swim across. There needs to be an organization that will eventually build a bridge to accommodate those that wish to cross later. But by the time the bridge is built, all the good jobs and opportunities will no longer be available." John's new venture is to build these bridges.

John having many friends and clients employed by tech giants such as Google, Apple, Intel and others he gains valuable insight on what technology is in the potential future. "Looking at the bigger picture, itís inevitable that companies are making moves to replace personal trainers (or the real life personal trainer that breaths air). There are so many alternatives; applications, wearables, infrared cameras,videos, and even games continue to make significant advances in providing personal fitness information, storing information, along with evaluating the data to make computerized suggestions. Who knows when, but eventually we may see robot personal trainers. And with fitness being such a hot-topic and necessity in life in today's world, a virtual robot trainer may come sooner than you anticipate."

So are personal trainers going to be placed on a shelf? Is there a time bomb ticking in their career? John believes the human personal trainer will exist for several decades because there will always be people that need that one-on-one human interactivity. "There will always be people that want to be held accountable for their actions; there will always be someone that needs to connect to a real person. However, the fitness industry is definitely changing and only the smart and strong will survive. He believes that both technology and a fitness professional can correlate together to offer a more effective service in conjunction with measurable value. With the thought of this concept, he anticipates a vast market will grow and this is one of the reasons why he's been pursuing this venture vigorously since 2009. If you look at his business credentials and his dedication to the fitness industry, doesn't it seem logical that he has the combined expertise to become a leader in this fitness revolution?